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About the Program  Your Partner In Law is a fast paced hour of live, call-in radio where listeners can gain a wealth of knowledge from attorney Rick Gregorek and his featured guests.  Your Partner In Law is Puget Sound’s complete source of legal information on the air.  Each program will explore areas of the law that are present in your everyday life.  The show focuses on Estate and Elder Law Planning, Asset Protection, Probate, Guardianship, Special Needs, Medicaid, Social Security, Real Estate Law, Business Law, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Parenting plans, and more.  Rick will demystify the law and, as Your Partner In Law, will point you in the right direction to navigate your way through troubled waters.
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Legal Line 11-30-2014  Host Rick Gregorek is joined by attorney Andrea Lee and Social Security Guru Andy Landis, author of Social Security, The Inside Story, 2014 Edition.  Rick, Andrea and Andy answer your questions about Social Security benefits.  Andy helps dispel some of the more common myths of Social Security and discusses ways to maximize your benefits.  This is a must listen show for those nearing retirement age and when is the best time to take your Social Security benefits.  


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Legal Line 06-01-14  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston  with Guest Les Ostermeier of CHOICE Advisory Services

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Legal Line 05-11-14  Mothers' Day with Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston. Common mistakes when preparing your estate plan.

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Legal Line 04-27-14 Guest Tricia Lazzar from Pushing Boundaries.  Exercise, health and hope for people with paralysis,

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Legal Line 12-29-13  Rick Gregorek interviews Jim Venable, HomeStreet Bank's Reverse Mortgage expert.  Jim will help de-mystify Reverse Mortgages. A Reverse Mortgage can be your life boat in some situations and an anchor in others.  Find out if one may be right for you. Show not available Contact Jim Venable @ (206) 988-6610
Legal Line 12-22-13  Rick Gregorek interviews Dan Mytheh, Vice President of Mercury Financial Group.  Discussed the use of insurance and retirement planning.  This is worth a listen for everyone.

Legal Line 12-15-13  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss estate planning, elder law, real estate, asset protection and more.  Prepare for the holidays.

Legal Line 12-08-13  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss components of estate planning, asset protection, elder law and more.

Legal Line 12-01-13  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss Asset Protection for real estate investors using Limited Liability Companies (LLC).  Also discuss real property issues for divorcing couple.

Legal Line 11-24-13  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss essential estate planning and answer questions from listeners and emailed questions

Legal Line 11-17-13 Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss the need for estate and elder planning to avoid the most common mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Legal Line 11-10-13 Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss various estate planning matters.
Legal Line 11-03-13  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston have a conversation with caller a Renter being evicted when the house was in forclosure. 

Legal Line 10-27-13  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss various trust and estate planning issues

Legal Line 10-20-13  Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss various trust and estate planning issues

Legal Line 10-13-13 Rick Gregorek and Scott Ralston discuss trust law

Legal LIne 10-06-13 Rick Gregorek and Scott Raslton with KVI's own Scott Carty joins Rick Gregorek to discuss his personal experiences in assisting his father with estate planning and then settling his father's estate.  Scott offers some great advice to all of us.

Legal Line 9-29-13 Tom Cock - Financial Journalist and Investment Advisor Tom Cock joins Rick Gregorek to discuss retirement savings
Legal Line 9-22-13 Trust Discussion - Rick Gregorek discusses revocable living trust for estate planning.  He is joined by attorney Scott Ralston.

Legal Line 9-15-13 First Show - Rick Gregorek returns to KVI with his new program, LEGAL LINE - Your Partner-in-Law
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